Our senior management team is comprised of veteran advisors with years of C-level experience that share an unwavering focus on quality relationships, original thinking, objectivity and confidentiality. We have proven industry experience, exceptional process aptitude, and a direct, hands-on approach to meeting our clients’ objectives. We become a part of each client’s team, addressing every business issue, whether it is strategic planning and alliances, acquisitions or divestitures, market development or the raising of debt and equity capital for growth and expansion. 

By partnering with Whitestone Associates, you get the high quality, sophistication and experience of the big investment banking companies rolled up in a boutique entrepreneurial firm with integrity, professionalism and commitment to success.

Full-Service Mergers and Acquisitions Practice

The critical ingredients for successful acquisitions or divestitures are strategic insight and the ability to execute on a timely basis.


The process of buying a business is not a static process. It must start with a clear understanding of the objectives, followed and supported by rational validation.Imperative to this process is the assurance that the transaction considered does not create negative value to the client’s core business either through the process of the transaction or the resulting deal. In this way, Whitestone Associates offers a guided and controlled approach that ensures that a successful transaction achieves our clients’ goals.

These steps include:

  • A clear understanding of the business objective
  • The creation of a post acquisition integration plan and a team prepared to execute it
  • A transaction strategy
  • Target company insight
  • Appropriate contact to express our interest
  • Negotiation and closing of the transaction

The decision to sell your business, or a part of it, is often complex. There are many considerations, both personal and economic.

The first step in selling a business is to have a clear understanding of the business objectives to be achieved. These objectives must be validated and confirmed in the market place. With this confirmation, Whitestone will facilitate alogical and dynamic process.

These steps include:

  • Understanding and validation of the business’ objectives
  • Creation of a clear strategy as to how and when the transaction will occur
  • Identification of potential buyers
  • Presentation of a well considered offering
  • Negotiation and closing of the transaction
Capital Transactions

We can assist you in raising capital for your company including raising equity, equity-linked, mezzanine and debt capital to support client growth, investment and acquisition initiatives, as well as facilitating recapitalizations and shareholder liquidity events. Our senior management team maintains strong relationships within the private equity, venture capital, hedge fund, senior and mezzanine debt communities. Our success lies in our knowledge of the financing markets and investor universe.

Strategic Advisement

We offer a broad array of strategic advisory services to assist our clients in formulating and executing optimal business strategies.

Our well-designed strategic plans will leave no doubt about the direction the company must purse in order to create value for its stakeholders.

Business strategies are most effective when they start from an honest assessment of a company’s current situation. Effective plans are based on competitive intelligence gathered during interviews or conversations with partners, associates, staff, clients, competitors, and business leaders.

Further intelligence is also gained through secondary and online research. The assessments and competitive intelligence-gathering exercises can be rigorous or quick, depending on the circumstances.

To map the correct route, we must first identify where the client is now, where the company wants to go, as well as detailing all the obstacles the company will face along the way.